Sunday Evening

My empty streets on sunday evening
My sunshine, my “Don’t stop believing!”
My music on the morning train
My dream of kissing in the rain.

My past, my present, peach blushed sky
Somehow I’m asking myself “Why?
And – even, after all this time?”
– “Always”, you told me with a smile.


Stop and Go

Vier Akkorde, fünf Strophen, ein bisschen Melancholie. Dieser Song von mir ist schon ein bisschen älter, dank neu gelernter Techniken jetzt aber nochmal neu mithilfe meiner Guitalele, der Tischplatte und einer Papiertüte aufgenommen. Continue reading Stop and Go

To: Jenny

A sweet little something I finished because of need, not because of wanting so. Which is a good sign for me.

„I would really like to give you something you enjoy.“
She was on her bike, moving her feet quickly but steadily on the pedals. Her hair would have flown with the wind if she hadn’t secured it with a hair tie.
„When I think about small gifts, sweets come to my mind first, followed by books. But I can neither think of your favourite sweets nor of a book you would like. You have enough of both at the moment.“, she continued.
„You are my dearest, my love. I want to give something to you, that makes you smile and that helps you to enjoy life even a little bit more.“ Continue reading To: Jenny